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The Solo Circle streamlines the building of community among solo parents by giving local communities a framework for effectively facilitating and establishing recurring, in-person meetings. By creating a safe space for solo parents to gather and connect, they can find comfort in shared experiences and new perspectives, as well as build a strong support system.

The Team

My Role

As Project lead, I oversaw the creative process. I am personally responsible for the core concept behind Memori and I contributed to the digital prototyping of the virtual reality model and digital renders. In addition, I wrote the vision video.

As I worked on Memori, it began to feel like a vocation. I have never been so entirely enveloped in a project like I have been for this. In my life, it really felt like Memori was the culmination of everything I worked for up to that point. It was a product of my network, as I coordinated actors and designers from all aspects to work in communication with our team to create a well rounded product. And it was also the sum of my passions and life experience. All of the fond memories I had made over the years became examples for our research on how memories are formed and created. And the photographs I took over my travels became windows in our rendered world. Lastly, my team began to feel like a family. Pressure makes diamonds and in the ten weeks we had to make this project, we became bonded for life.




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