"a mad scientist when it comes to design"
orange flower portrait.jpg

I am a student at Savannah College of Art and Design working on my BFA in User Experience Design with a minor in Industrial Design set to graduate May 2022. I am joyful, inspired, and eccentric and believe it absolutely bleeds into my design.

I am passionate about human-centered design. I love that I have found a career that allows me to combine compassion and design. I have an affinity for working with people and often find myself in the leadership position of the projects I work on.

In my personal life, I consider myself to be an adventurer and a collector of sorts. I love to hunt for treasures wherever I can, and I try to fit in a road trip whenever possible! 

My love languages are gift-giving and anticipating needs. I find that actions speak louder than words. My daily goals are to spread joy and make others feel loved. 

Jack of all trades,

Master of fun